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The OSSCork is providing services to men and women who have or are currently experiencing domestic violence. The service is open for people of all nationalities (Interpretation may be arranged), sexual orientation, married/co-habiting couples or single people and is offered through:

All services of the OSSCork are provided free of charge and confidentiality is assured.

The OSSCork offers the following services:

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Information - Safety Issues


OSS Cork can furnish clients with factual information (e.g. about Safety and Barring Orders and where/ how to apply for either, information on Seperation/Divorce, etc.) but it does not however, provide legal advice. In this instance an appropriate referral will be made to a solicitor either privately or through legal aid.

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The OSS strives to provide all information requested in house and will actively source that which is not readily available. However, on occasion where it is deemed necessary or more suitable for an alternative agency/organisation to provide the information/service or respond to the request, an appropriate referral will be made – for example where a client might ask specifically for counselling an appropriate referral will be made to a counselling service. This may involve either the arrangement of an appointment or the signposting of the agency to the client.

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The OSS provides accompaniment to Garda Stations, Court – District and Circuit, GPs offices etc.
Accompaniment can prove to be an invaluable tool to a client who may be experiencing low self-esteem or intimidation. Being afraid of confrontation with their violent (ex-) partner can result resignation. Professional accompaniment can help clients to follow through with legal procedures, knowing that they are not alone.
Lack of confidence can also mean that a client will not ask questions when they do not understand what is being said or when they want additional information.. Accompaniment can also deliver an important message to a perpetrator that the client is not alone, has support and is believed.

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The OSS can act as an advocate for its clients on a number of levels.
On a more immediate level the OSS can actively advocate on behalf of its clients via communication and representation with various deciding bodies, for example letters of support can be submitted to Community Welfare Officers, the Dept of Social and Family Affairs etc on behalf of the client. Attendance at appeal meetings can also be arranged.

Through its active participation on a number of National and Local Committees the OSS Cork raises awareness of the issue of domestic violence and can lobby for an increase in funding, recognition of domestic violence as a social problem or for changes in the legal system.

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The OSS provides general support to those living with domestic violence through active listening. The support offered is non-judgemental and non-prejudicial. Clients take the opportunity to talk about their situation in a safe place. They often state the fact they were ‘believed’ was central to them implementing change in their lives. The importance of this particular service cannot be overestimated.

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