Information - Safety Issues


OSS Cork can furnish clients with factual information (e.g. about Safety and Barring Orders and where/ how to apply for either, information on Seperation/Divorce, etc.) but it does not however, provide legal advice. In this instance an appropriate referral will be made to a solicitor either privately or through legal aid.


Situations of domestic violence may result in housing issues arising. Alternative accommodation may be required and the OSSCork can help with this either through arranging emergency refuge accommodation or assisting with applications for housing through (a) the council or (b) the Community Welfare Officers in respect of temporary private housing via Rent Allowance.


Problems with finances often emerge as a result of the control exerted through financial abuse itself as well as through the actual costs of separation/divorce for example, legal fees, non-payment of maintenance, the running of two homes etc. The OSSCork will assist the client with applications to both Community Welfare Officers with regard to emergency payments (Supplementary Welfare Allowance) and to the Dept. of Social and Family Affairs for long-term benefits such as One Parent Family Payment.

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